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About Spay Neuter Clinic

The Welland and District Spay Neuter Clinic has been open since May 1st, 2014 beginning with shelter animals and fully opened to all members of the public in September 2014.

We have assembled a team of four highly skilled veterinary surgeons who have many years of experience. We will continue maintaining high medical standards while keeping our costs in line with the low cost formula. Our employee team is also very experienced and dedicated to this project. The whole organization is incredibly proud of our accomplishments to date and committed to providing this much needed service.

The importance of spaying and neutering as a critical component of animal welfare cannot be overstated. We remain steadfast that making spay/neuter services available to as many as possible through our Spay/Neuter Clinic and the Mobile S/N Unit will be an ongoing priority.

The Welland & District Humane Society is fully committed to reducing the number of unwanted animals and the spay/neuter clinic is a critical component to that end. We would like to sincerely thank Petsmart Charities of Canada.