Our clinic is now offering Rabies Vaccinations at a cost of $25.00 per vaccine at the time of your pet’s surgery. Although not mandatory for surgery, we recommend that all pets be up to date with vaccinations. Rabies is a viral disease that can be spread to both people and animals through contact with saliva or nervous tissue of an infected animal. Providing your pet with a rabies vaccination every 3 years, after an initial booster, is the easiest way to keep your pet safe. 


Also, now offering a one time dose of Advantage II : Flea Treatment at a cost of $25.00 applied in clinic, at the time of surgery. This application will help eliminate current flea infestation and prevent fleas for up to 30 days for the treated pet. A prevention program should be established with your regular veterinarian for continued treatment and for any other pets in your home.

If you would like your pet vaccinated at the time of surgery, it is important for you to obtain and provide all information pertaining to vaccination certificates and  due dates prior to your pet’s appointment.

Male Dogs:

Small (under 25kgs) $135 Large (25-49.9kgs) $165

Female Dogs:

Small (under 25kgs) $165 Large (25-49.9kgs) $220

* Additional Fees for pets over 50kgs

** Your pet will be weighed the morning of surgery and you will be charged accordingly

***There may be additional fees due to pregnancy, in heat etc.

Hernia Repair:

Hernia Repair $40 * Females Only


$50 per retained testicle


Surgery is $85 (regardless of gender or weight)

Hernia Repair:

Hernia Repair $25 * Females Only*

Your pet MUST be fasted (no food) after 6pm the night before surgery or your pet’s procedure will be cancelled and a fee will apply. Please leave water out for your pet overnight.

Vaccinations are not mandatory although, recommended to keep your pet protected.