Male Dogs:

Small (under 25kgs) $125 Large (25-49.9kgs) $155

Female Dogs:

Small (under 25kgs) $155 Large (25-49.9kgs) $210

* Additional Fees for pets over 50kgs

** Your pet will be weighed the morning of surgery and you will be charged accordingly

***There may be additional fees due to pregnancy, in heat etc.

Hernia Repair:

Hernia Repair $40 * Females Only


$50 per retained testicle


Surgery is $75 (regardless of gender or weight)

Hernia Repair:

Hernia Repair $25 * Females Only*

Your pet MUST be fasted (no food) after 6pm the night before surgery or your pet’s procedure will be cancelled and a fee will apply. Please leave water out for your pet overnight.

Vaccinations are not mandatory although, recommended to keep your pet protected.